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Welcome to United Construction Homes and Remodeling Center
Your General Contractor/Developer
Quality, Honesty, and Integrity for over 40 years!

United Construction will meet all your construction needs.

We are a General Contractor/Developer.  We build site built
and modular homes.  We ae also your Michigan Remodeling Center.
• luxury homes
• site built homes
• stick-built Modular Homes
• stick-built manufactured homes
• energy-efficient, permanent, wood foundations
• garages
• pole barns
• porches
• septic
• well
• demolitions
• renovations
• remodels
United Construction will work with you to plan your project, obtain financing, and complete construction.
At United Construction, helping you make your dreams a reality has been the foundation for every home we build. It begins by listening to you to better understand your vision and working with you to design a home that exceeds your expectations.
Contact us today so we can help you make your dreams a reality.
We look forward to meeting with you in person.

President/CEO John Bezemek
United Construction welcomes you to join our family of homeowners.
No need to look elsewhere for your home
contracting needs, United Construction does it all.
Whether you are starting with an empty lot or you
want to renovate an existing structure United
Construction is your number one choice in Sanilac
County construction.

“Our Goal is to give each and every
home buyer the same care and
respect that we would give one of
our own families or one of our own
personal projects!”
John Bezemek
Owner of United Construction

Our customers in Sanilac County refer us to their
friends and family because with United
Construction, you have a contractor who treats
every customer with respect.

That equal treatment is regardless of the type of
contract you are looking for. If you are looking for
an economically smart modular or a luxurious no-holds-bar project, you will be treated with the
same amount of respect and loyalty.

United Construction will give you the service you can trust, and treat your project with the same
care regardless of size.

United Construction can meet all your contractor needs.

United Construction is glad you found your way to our site, and taking the time to inform yourself on
the cost saving innovative building practices of United Construction, Sanilac County’s all inclusive
contractor and builder.

With innovation and experience, United Construction introduces customers to new ideas,
expanding the choices of both homeowners, and home-builders in Sanilac County. Your team at
United Construction will help you explore your choices.

We find many customers have never heard of the phrase “Stick Build Approach”, and don’t often
understand what a “Custom Site” is or how a “Conventional Modular Home” is different than a
“Custom Stick built Modular Home.”  Your team from United Construction will give you a clear
idea of what each approach is, and how they will affect your project.

United’s team can work with perspective home builders to “Modularize” a custom stick build
plan, using  the same products and material specifications, while saving you as much as 15 to 20
dollars per sq ft or more.

United Construction is the one stop shop in Sanilac County for building

After meeting United Construction’s team, you will find you do
not need to go anywhere else. Our personal can help you find a
building site that is right for you.

With United Construction, you get:
One Contractor
One guarantee
For one price!

Our personal will do a site evaluation, so that you can be sure the site you have in
mind will work for the project you have planned. United’s team will look at site topography to see if
elevations will work with the type of home or building, you have chosen.

United Construction’s Excavating
crews have over 40 years experience.

With 40+ years of building and Site Development, United Construction
has the ability to estimate the cost of Site Development.
Factoring in questions like:
• Does the site has city water and sewer?
•Does  it has to have a well and septic?
• What type of septic system does the site have (this can be found with a soil evaluation)?


These factors will help you with deciding which site is more developmentally practical for you.
United Construction’s Excavating crews have 40+ years of “Dirt work” experience. From the simplest of
site’s where we might (depending on the location) take advantage of a local, more affordable Dirt
Contractor, to the most challenging sites where the “DEQ” or “DNR” or “Army Corps of Engineers” are
involved (which is the case with lake lots).
When the most up to date engineered septic systems are needed to protect the environment, United
Construction will say, “we can do that” and we will “git er done!”
Let United Construction show you the facts on designing a quality energy
efficient home.
United Constructions Planning staff uses “Chief Architect”, a design program that will custom design
a floor plan just for you!
It does not matter if it is a complex luxurious home with all the amenities or a simple
manufactured home plan, United Construction will help you find and
design the plan that meets your needs and your budget.
Once you learn how well United Construction cares about you and your
budget goals, you will see that United Construction can be trused. We will keep to
your budget and help you design the floor plan that is just right for you!

With United Construction, you will be able to,  at anytime during the designing stage,  do a Virtual
Tour and walk through your prospective house via the computer-generated floor plan.

“You’ll make the decision
which products or which
floor plan!”
John Bezemek

United Construction’s Written Guarantee
What you should know before beginning your project.
All Builders by law must guarantee their work for 18 months. All manufacturers of homes must
guarantee their homes for 12 months. That is the Law. These mandated warranties have been
put in place so that you can rest easy knowing that you will get the best service and
workmanship. United Construction will go beyond the mandated quality to be sure that you are
more than satisfied.
United Construction will fully disclose each different product warranty with each different option
you have to choose from for your project.
We will also show you how choosing to implement a plan using modular or manufactured
construction, will not only  save you money, but you will also have extra warranties and guarantees that
give you the comfort you deserve. We will also show you the difference between the warranties
and guarantees between site-built homes and each different level of manufactured homes. We
will also explain the guarantee we can offer you with any construction built from scratch.
Whatever it is you are looking for, United Construction will help you find exactly what fits your
needs, while being clear about product guarantees and the warranties the products you choose
John Bezemek, owner of Untied Construction,  promises that you will have all the facts on the
products that will be used in your construction before the building process begins, so that you
can make the decision on the product before construction is started.
Our goal is to make building your home  or business a wonderful experience, and we will treat
you like family from the moment you begin your journey with us.

Modular vs. Site-Built

United Construction is an award-winning builder that excels in finding the perfect project to fit
your needs. We pride ourselves on the ability to educate our customers and help them to make
the right decision. The modular versus site built construction debate is one that has been ongoing
since the first manufactured homes were produced in the 1950s. Here are some of the main
points to consider when deciding what is the best way to build.
What is a Modular Home?
Modular Homes are a site-built home assembled in a factory, built to meet the Michigan
Building Code developed by the International Code Council. The same code to which all site
built and modular homes are built. Modular Homes meet the required structural inspections
while still on the factory floor, and meet the required codes for the specific location they are
being produced for once delivered on site. Modular Homes are built using the same materials
available to builders and homeowners, instead of items built by the manufacturer.
What is a Manufactured Home?
This is where the most confusion comes from. Manufactured homes differ from modular and site
built homes. Manufactured homes conform to the National Manufactured Home Construction
and Safety Standards (The HUD Code.) They are “titled” like all motor vehicles and are built on
a movable steel frame. Many of the components, such as cabinets and doors are built by the
manufacturer producing them, and cannot be matched easily after market.
You can expect to save considerably over building modular versus site-built. Modular Homes do
not differ in appraisal value versus site built homes, whereas manufactured homes depreciate
over time.
You can expect to save considerable money on energy costs by building modular; a factor that is
invaluable in today’s age of high-energy bills.
Modular Homes offer a great value, which only increases with the size of the home being
produced. A modular manufacturer has a much greater buying power than a builder or
homeowner due to the volume of material they consume. Manufacturers are able to buy materials
in bulk and that savings is passed on to you.
There is a misconception that a modular home is harder than a site-built home to finance. This is
not the truth today. Due to the popularity of modular homes, lending institutions have become
familiar with the benefits of building modular.
Homeowners are able to get a solid price quote from the beginning of planning through United
Construction, and homeowners are guaranteed a contract price from the beginning to the end.
You are not offered that guarantee with a site-built home because there are too many variables in
the building process.
Modular vs. Manufactured
Manufactured homes follow the HUD code, set forth by the U.S. Department of housing while
Modular Homes are built according to the Michigan Building Code. The Michigan Building
Code is the same code which site-built homes are built. United Construction builds modulars that
are in fact built exceeding this code.
More Advantages
Modular Homes are produced in a climate-controlled environment eliminating many of the
problems that can be a factor in site built construction.
• Your home is watertight meaning that the inside is never exposed to the elements.
Avoiding warping, shrinking, and bowed walls as it dries out.
• We can build it during any season. You will not have to worry about weather delaying
you occupying your new home.
• Modular homes can typically be finished 6-9 weeks after your home is set, instead of the
6-9 month timeframe typically allotted for a site-built project.
• Our homes are sealed from the inside out and the outside in, something not possible with
a site-built home. Eliminating theft of materials common on construction sites.
We hope we have been able to dispel some of the common misconceptions about modular
homes. The only thing left to do is call us so we can start planning your construction.
(810) 648-3299