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All Weather Wood Foundations



What in the world is AWWFAll Weather Wood Foundation.  Only a few homeowners are familiar with this type of basement.  However, those who have them are the best promoters of this system.

“WOOD BASEMENTS” in one form or another have been around for a long time.  It is said that the “Super Dome” in New Orleans rests on wood foundations.  To further prepare you for the sales pitch you should know that archeologists have found wood beams in pyramids that are over 6000 years old.  They report no weakness, damage, or degradation.  The wood was Cyprus.  This particular species is impervious to insects and mold.  It just happens that insects and mold are the true enemies of wood.  It stands to reason, then, that certain wood species like Cyprus, Redwood, and Cedar have similar qualities.  The real problem is that most such species have poor strength characteristics.  Also, they are relatively scarce and very costly.

Enter the “WOOD PRESERVER”!  Over that last 5 decades or so, the lumber industry has perfected a way to entrain the strongest, most abundant, and least expensive wood fibers with preservatives that can protect wood from pests and mold for up to and beyond 100 years.  Hurray!  But…wait a minute; What was that preservative made from?  chromium (chromated copper arsenate, or CCA)  In about 2003, treated lumber that came into contact directly by humans was changed to a COPPER based treatment.  It was said this was safer for human use.

The lumber used for WOOD BASEMENTS is still the CCA type at a retention rate of .60.  (sound confusing?)  All this means is that the lumber used in a wood basement is not only going to protect you, it is also safe for you as well.

The construction methods to build a wood basement can vary from one place to another based on experience of the local jurisdiction.  It is important to note that wood basements are normally built to a standard of strength well beyond that which is prescribed by law.  They are normally overbuilt!  That’s good news for you.  Here are the benefits;

Adaptability, ease of installation, built by homebuilders, flexible, easy to cover with siding, inexpensive to install, easy to apply additions, easy to install windows, no leakage, and on and on.