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Planning & Design

83590534The goal of United Construction is to give you the home of your dreams. For over 40 years, we have excelled in providing our clients with superior home design as well as site planning. Regardless if you have a site-built or a modular home, our experienced team has the expertise to provide you with a custom plan design.  You can always find the floor plan that you like, and customize it further to your liking.  View some of our Models and plans by visiting  Heckaman Homes.




Not only does John and his staff have 40+ years of experiencre designing and building homes, but we also have the ability to develope your site.


United Construction is the one stop shop in Sanilac County for building

After meeting United Construction’s team, you will find you do
not need to go anywhere else. Our personal can help you find a
building site that is right for you.

With United Construction, you get:
One Contractor
One guarantee
For one price!

Our personal will do a site evaluation, so that you can be sure the site you have in
mind will work for the project you have planned. United’s team will look at site topography to see if
elevations will work with the type of home or building, you have chosen.

United Construction’s Excavating
crews have over 40 years experience.

With 40+ years of building and Site Development, United Construction
has the ability to estimate the cost of Site Development.
Factoring in questions like:
• Does the site has city water and sewer?
•Does  it has to have a well and septic?
• What type of septic system does the site have (this can be found with a soil evaluation)?


These factors will help you with deciding which site is more developmentally practical for you.
United Construction’s Excavating crews have 40+ years of “Dirt work” experience. From the simplest of
site’s where we might (depending on the location) take advantage of a local, more affordable Dirt
Contractor, to the most challenging sites where the “DEQ” or “DNR” or “Army Corps of Engineers” are
involved (which is the case with lake lots).
When the most up to date engineered septic systems are needed to protect the environment, United
Construction will say, “we can do that” and we will “git er done!”



Let United Construction show you the facts on designing a quality energy
efficient home.

United Constructions Planning staff uses “Chief Architect”, a design program that will custom design
a floor plan just for you!
It does not matter if it is a complex luxurious home with all the amenities or a simple
manufactured home plan, United Construction will help you find and
design the plan that meets your needs and your budget.
Once you learn how well United Construction cares about you and your
budget goals, you will see that United Construction can be trused. We will keep to
your budget and help you design the floor plan that is just right for you!

With United Construction, you will be able to,  at anytime during the designing stage,  do a Virtual
Tour and walk through your prospective house via the computer-generated floor plan.