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On December 24,  2008, our family suffered the loss of our home in Minden City, to a fire.  When the initial shock wore off, we had to get down to the business of rebuilding.  The fire was not our fault, and we did have insurance, but to make a long story short, we did not have enough insurance to rebuild the house we had lost.

Fast forward ahead two years to November 2010.  We found out that we had to have a house rebuilt by December 24, 2010.  Now having about 6 weeks to have a house up and occupied, the clock was ticking, and time was not in our favor.  On my way home from looking at some manufactured homes, I was passing by United Construction of M-46 and decided to pull in and take a look at the 2 modular home models that had caught my eye as I rode past.  I thought at this point, we were defeated and that there was no way we were going to be able to have a house put up by Christmas Eve.

That’s the way we felt until I met Mr. John Bezemek of United Construction.  After looking at the models, Mr. Bezemek assured me that if we placed an order for a modular home within the week, he would do his best to see that we had a house up and ready for occupancy by our December 24th deadline.

I had my doubts and being very skeptical about this whole ordeal, I told him that I would talk to my husband and get back to him, not believing that he could come through.

Well, we decided to give United Construction a try and that was the best decision we ever made in this whole ordeal.  John Bezemek was true to his word and had our house delivered and ready to move in by our December 24th deadline.

He asked us to trust him and give him control of the whole project and he promised that we would not be sorry.  Well, he was right!  He came through even though we were dealing with such tight time restraints.

We can never thank him or his crew enough for all that they did for our family.  When you suffer a loss like we did, it is very easy to become very cynical and loose faith in everyone and everything.  John Bezemek made us a promise and kept it and his honesty helped restore our faith in people.

If you need a house built, we would highly recommend United Construction.  If we would have had more time, we would have had a stick built home, but time was not on our side.  John had the garage put up and built the basement while awaiting the house delivery.

John’s crew was very professional.  They cleaned up after themselves and you could see that they took pride in their work.  Even his office staff was wonderful.  John himself was going through some personal family illnesses at the time, but you would never have knowsn, because he still made sure that our job was getting done.

Once again, “Thank You” John and crew for making our house “Our Home”.  We could not have done it without you and we will be forever grateful.

Thank you so much,
The Kuras Family


United Construction was great!
They spent several hours working with us on site as well as in the office. After looking at the model home, we could see it was superior to others we looked at. (And we looked at plenty)

Our dog lay down next to John and went to sleep. If she trusts you, so do we. It was also nice hearing from John even after the sale.

They took their time and seemed concerned that every detail was as I wanted. The house plans came out exactly as I wanted. NO problems.  United was the only company that took different floor plans we liked and combined them to make our perfect floor plan.

We ultimately purchased our home because United allowed us to build the house to our liking, without having to go through the stick building process.  They kept us updated constantly. We actually shopped by going to numerous modular builders. The only one we found to make us stop looking was United Construction.

Loved that you were open to my suggestions. Love that things were explained (pros & cons) and let me make my own decisions. Great options, great choices, our house is not a “cookie cutter.

Some other places I felt dismissed, disrespected, misled, and pressured. However with United I always felt I was getting honest service. Your staff was knowledgeable and treated me extremely well.

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Nick & Kathy M.
Carsonville, MI
Excellent job!
United Construction built our house in Indiana, including the garage.  There was a fire and John helped us alot with that.  He ended up being the go-between with the insurance company.  We got everything we asked for, won over every issue, and even though it took a year to get to where we are now, John was excellent on his end.

worker with hammer and nail

Ricky B.
Sandusky, MI
Above and beyond my expectations!
United Construction are really good people.  They build houses and go over and beyond with what they need to do.  They set up everything for me.  I told them what I wanted, and they gave me that and then some.  They have helped me years after the house was already done.  The house was built about six years ago, but if I were to call them now about a problem, they would come out and fix things up for me still!

Construction Worker with Hard Hat

Richard & Joanne R.
Marlette, MI
Modular homes with a personal touch delivered to you within months!
We bought a house from United Construction.  It was in two halves.  They really worked with us to make the changes that we wanted, such as adjusting the floor plan to our liking.  One of John’s employees worked on the floor plan through a computer program, and we were satisfied with the adjustments.  Then, they delivered it, set it up, and finished the work within a couple months.  We are still living in the home, and we love it.  There are not that many modular home builders out there.  If anybody is looking for one, I would send them to John and United Construction any day!  Plus, the fact that they ship to you within a couple of months and work with you to make adjustments, is just perfect.

construction worker with cement bags

Dave N.
Yale, MI
Excellent service!
United Construction provided me with excellent service.  They went over and above as far as taking care of me and what my needs were and working with me.  They put two additions on, and set my original house.  I have a modular-type home, and I’ve had them come three times to do work.  They put on a garage, a family room, and three bedrooms.  It was quite a bit of work and everything turned out fine.  I had very little issues, and all my major needs were met!  I would recommend them to anybody that needs quality work done.  They will provide you with personalized and friendly service.  That’s what they offered me.  They kept in touch with phone calls over every little thing.  They didn’t ignore my messages.  The best thing is when you have a company that calls you back!  They definately go the extra mile when it comes to working with you and making sure you are getting quality material, as far as the insulating properties and so forth. I would say you should let them give you a quote on a construction job!

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Tom O.
Forestville, MI
Top notch quality!
United Construction does amazing work.  They built a two story home for us up in Forestville and it’s just beautiful!  They did a wonderful job.  They are professional, tidy, and very attentive.  They completed the job before our deadline of four months.  I was happy about the price too.  I would absolutely recommend them for anyone looking for a very thorough contractor and dedicated workers.

Construction of a New House

Mark T.
Salem, MI
Happy with what they did!
I would recommend United Construction.  They put up a large two-car garage and it was everything that was promised.  At the time, I had room to add a bedroom and bath as well.  They did what they said they would do.  Any customer problems I had, John came over to take care of it.  I think that my overall experience was very, very, good.  As far as the customer service went, the many men that were working on the project were very polite and very knowledgeable.  The whole experience was a good experience.  Anytime I had a concern, it was completely covered.






We purchased our home in 1999, and it was built in 1998.  We were not sure about the wood foundation so we had our brother in-law who is a builder
in the North come down and check it out for us.He said the workmanship was very good and that we would not have any issues with this foundation.
He was impressed with the use of cement in the crawl for the supporting beams.

I am 5’3” and I can almost stand up in the crawl! Jay is of course taller and has to squat a bit, but still a nice space to maneuver in.
We have now been here fifteen years and our heating and cooling bills have been amazing, we have never had a heating bill over
$100.00, this year with the bitter cold we came close at $91.34.

We heat and cook with natural gas. I did a lot of baking this winter too! We kept our house at about 68 to 70, we are older folks LOL.
Electric bills ranged in the mid 60’s, we are on the senior program for electric, we have never exceeded their KW hours they set for us;
which I believe is 700 KW hours, as you remember last year was an extremely hot summer. Electric bills ranged in the mid 70’s and
that’s keeping temps at about 74.

We love our home and feel the well-built construction of this home combined with the wood foundation results into an efficient,
comfortable and above all an affordable home to live in.

Jay & Yvonne Marine City